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Back Snug

Private room bookings

Our “Back Snug” can accommodate up to 18 people seated, or 20 standing/ reception style.

There are no venue fees involved in reserving this room, but we do ask for a deposit which will be applied against your in-dining bill, as well as a guaranteed minimum spend.


Custom Experiences

We offer cocktail classes, spirit tastings and custom corporate engagement events for groups of under 20.

They’re intimate and personalized to your desired experience – let us know what you like and we will build a program around it.

Ideal for corporate team building, wedding celebrations or birthdays; whatever the occasion, Shawn and the Clive’s team can curate a memorable spirit and food event.


Cocktail Classes

$75/per person plus tip and tax Minimum 6 people, maximum 12

Have you ever wanted to learn how the pros create cocktails, learn the classics and be a better host at home?
Clive’s Cocktail Classes are perfect for a night out that mixes fun and education, you can choose from the classes below or ask the team to curate a special class for what you may be interested in.

DNA of the Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned is a classic that follow the definition of a cocktail, a mix of spirit, bitters, sugar and water. But there is so much more than just the classic bourbon style, learn the formula for making the perfect Old Fashioned and the basics to riffing your very own at home.


The Negroni has become a well known and loved classic, the perfect blend of gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth; but it is the perfect classic to change elements to create brand new and unique combinations that stay true to the Negroni name but can stand on their own.

The Martini & the Manhattan

These two cocktails on the surface seem completely different but deep down they are more similar than you may think. Explore the classic recipes and their offspring’s and learn how to make the perfect Martini and Manhattan at home.

Sours, Daisy’s, Rickey’s and Collins’

Explore citrus and how it has impacted the styles of cocktails from sours to Collins’ and everything in between. Learn the formula for making these simple but tasty drinks for your friends and family.

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Upcoming Events

October 12th, 2023

Bon Vivant Society presents Xavier Aleba, The Beverage Collective

$105 all inclusive

6pm on October 12th

Join Xavier Aleba from The Beverage Collective as he walks you through 6 unique and fascinating agave spirits from all over Mexico. Chef Josh will be serving his classic family style dinner.

October 19th, 2023

Bon Vivant Society presents Ardbeg with Bry Simpson

$75 all inclusive

6pm on October 19th

Join Ardbeg Brand Ambassador, Bry Simpson as he walks you through the amazingly smoky world of Islay whisky and one of the region’s stalwarts, Ardbeg.

Building a strong community with spirit(s)

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